Glossary of Railroad Terms

The Association of American Railroads (AAR), established in 1934 (See
AB style brakes
Andrews truck
The Andrews truck, initially designed in 1898, was a very commonly used freight truck until the 1950's.  (See compilation of information on freight trucks by Frank Martin in

(Additional info can be found at
The American Railway Association (ARA), established in XX, this "committee" was formed by the major railroads to help establish freight car design standards.
Bettendorf truck
The Bettendorf truck, initially designed in 1930 was a very widely used freight truck until the 1960's.  (See article by Michael Swanson in

Creco Doors
Images of the Creco 3-panel and 7-panel boxcar doors are shown below.

Double Sheathed
Double Sheathed boxcars and refrigerator cars have a layer of wood sheathing external to the steel side framing.  The exterior sheathing is always applied vertically and each strip is about 3" wide.
KC style brakes
KC style brakes were introduced by Westinghouse in 1900 and were standard until 1942. (See
Panel Steel Doors
Images of the Panel Steel boxcar doors are shown below.

The United States Railway Administration was formed in 1917 when the US entered the First World War.  The government took over the operation of all American railroads and established common locomotive and freight car designs.  The Administration also took control of the production of railway equipment and assigned the new equipment built during the period to the railroads that needed the equipment the most.  the USRA was disbanded after the war, but many of their designs for locomotives and rolling stock were so successful that they were copied for many years after.
Youngstown Steel Doors
Images of the Youngstown Steel boxcar doors are shown below.