Funaro and Camerlengo are American manufactures of finely detailed HO Gauge Scale Model Resin craftsman kits of rolling stock, including freight cars, passenger cars and trolleys, building structures and miscellaneous accessories for U.S. prototype railroads.  Some "S" and "O" Scale Freight Car kits are also manufactured.  Our kits span the time period from 1890's to the present with emphasis on the transition era (1940 to the late 1950's) and are geared toward serious modelers and hobbyists.  We thank you for your interest in our products and for your over 20 years of support.

Next Release

HO 8370 - C & O ONE PIECE BODY All Welded Offset Side Hopper with Decals $49.99

HO 8380 - C & O 70 ton ONE PIECE BODY Rebuilt Panel Side Hopper with Decals $49.99

New Kits

Here are a few of our exciting new kits recently made available for sale.

HO 8351 - PRR G22 ONE PIECE BODY 46' Modernized Gondolawith Interior Stake Pockets AB Brake and Decals $44.99 (Shown)

HO 8353 - PRR G22 ONEPIECE BODY 46' Modernized Gondola with Interior Stake Pockets Removed, AB Brake and Decals $44.99

HO 8355 - PRR K8 ONE PIECE BODY Stock Car Double Deck AB Brake and Decals $44.99

HO 8330 - B & O N12G ONE PIECE BODY Twin Hopper with AB Brake and Decals $44.99

HO 8331 - B & O N12G ONE PIECE BODY Twin Hopper with K Brake and Decals $44.99

Re-Tooled due to Popular Demand

HO 6740 - Berwind BW-1 ONEPIECE BODY Hopper Car with Decals $44.99

HO 6711 - Central Vermont ONE PIECE BODY 36' Wood Boxcar with Hutchin's Roof and Decals $44.99

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