Funaro and Camerlengo are American manufactures of finely detailed HO Gauge Scale Model Resin craftsman kits of rolling stock, including freight cars, passenger cars and trolleys, building structures and miscellaneous accessories for U.S. prototype railroads.  Some "S" and "O" Scale Freight Car kits are also manufactured.  Our kits span the time period from 1890's to the present with emphasis on the transition era (1940 to the late 1950's) and are geared toward serious modelers and hobbyists.  We thank you for your interest in our products and for your over 20 years of support.


11/9-11/11/17 Rails to the Guilded Age Northeast Regional Convention, Atlantic Resort Hotel, Newport RI

Thurs. 3-6 Fri.9-12 3-6 Sat. 9-2 Our clinic on building a resin LV Gondola is on Sat. 9-11 ($15 for Kit)


Walthers is no longer our Distributor as of 4/17. Many small companies were dropped.

If you place an order with them for our products and it is not in stock you will NOT RECEIVE IT!

New Kits

Here are a few of our exciting new kits recently made available for sale.

HO 1000 Treadwell Slag Car with ONE PIECE Resin Trucks Less Decals $29 plus shipping

These cars are sold only by Schuylkill Iron Works, PO Box 3678, Reading, PA 19606

Contact the Schuylkill Iron Works Directly to order (717)421-1561

Schuylkill Iron Works at: eacraig1947@gmail.com

HO 6198 HOn2½ Tank Car #14 B&SR & SOCONY Decals $44.99

HO 6199 HOn2½ Tank Car #22 B&SR & SOCONY Decals $44.99

These cars are sold only by Locomotive Hobbies Call (205)746-0007 or order on Ebay

Locomotive Hobbies (Select Trains: HO Scale and then HO - Resin Kits or type funaro in the Store Search Box)

This dealer accepts all major credit cards and Paypal

E-mail Locomotive Hobbies at: crownlandscapeservices@gmail.com

HO 8430 - Union Railroad H-5 ONE PIECE BODY Hopper with Decals $44.99

HO 8440 - Pennsylvania X37B Automobile Boxcar with Youngstown Doors Wood Roofwalk and Decals $44.99

HO 8450 - Pennsylvania F28 Well Hole Flat Car with Kiesel Trucks and Decals $44.99

HO 8460 - Pennsylvania X38 50' Automobile Boxcar with Wood Roofwalk, Panel Roof and Decals $49.99

HO 8461 - Pennsylvania X38 50' Automobile Boxcar with Wood Roofwalk PRR REcessed Roof and Decals $49.99

HO 8420 - C & O H5-27 ONE PIECE BODY "Baby Triple" Hopper with Decals $44.99

HO 8400 - Pennsylvania ONE PIECE BODY X37 Steel Boxcar with Circle Keystone Decals $44.99

HO 8410 - Pennsylvania ONE PIECE BODY X37A Steel Automobile Boxcar with Circle Keystone Decals $44.99

HO 8315 - Pennsylvania X29D ONE PIECE BODY Steel Boxcar with Banana Taper Ends and Shadow Keystone Decals $44.99

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